First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research, ePS-1
A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium

Abstract submission

Please read this before submitting your abstract  

Please note that the deadline to be considered for oral presentations has now passed. Abstract submissions for poster presentations is open until May 2.

When you log in to the abstract system you will be given detailed instructions for how to prepare your abstract. Here are some important things to take note of:

To be considered for an oral presentation, the deadline was April 15. Abstracts submitted after this date will be given a poster space.

The abstract submission closes after May 2. All presenting authors have to be registered before May 3. Your abstract will not be published in the abstract book if you fail to register on time.

Your abstract will be published in a printed book with four (4) abstracts on each page. Please consider this when preparing figures for your abstract. The abstract submission system only allows one figure item to be uploaded. If you want to include two figures, combine them into one figure to upload. The maximum length is one page. You will be able to preview your abstract as a PDF file before finally submitting it.