First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research, ePS-1
A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium

Scientific program

A final, detailed schedule is available in this PDF-document:

The presentation given by Thomas Schleker from the European Commission is available here:

Plenary speakers:

 For a detailed speaker list, please click on "Speakers, details" at the top of this page.

Vincent Artero

Susanne von Caemmerer

Roberta Croce

Klaas Hellingwerf

Neil Hunter

Daniel Nocera

Thomas Schleker

Alison Smith

Mark Stitt

Stenbjörn Styring

Michael Wasielewski

Junko Yano

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Yagut Allahverdiyeva, Benjamin Bailleul, Maria M. Borisova-Mubarakshina, Pierre Cardol, Min Chen, Leonardo Guidoni, Manjit K. Hayer-Hartl, Johannes Kromdijk, Philipp Kurz, Luning Liu, Alistair McCormick, Tomas Morosinotto, Nathan Nelson, Jörg Nickelsen,  Ülo Niinemets, Greta Patzke, Gilles Peltier, Nicolas Plumeré, Christine A. Raines, Uwe Rascher, Bill Rutherford, Jan Stenlid, Szilvia Tóth, Katia Wostrikoff, Jan Zarzycki

The program at-a-glance:

The image shows an outline of the meeting schedule (click to enlarge). For a detailed program, see the pdf document at the top of the page.

Please note that the meeting starts on the Monday at Uppsala University Main Building. From Tuesday to Thursday all sessions will be at SLU campus.


A. PSII and Water Oxidation
B. Adaptation: Environment and Climate

C. Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering

D. Electron Transfer and Regulation

E. Microbial Solar Fuels

F. Photosynthetic Structures

G. Improving Crops

H. Light Harvesting

I. Rubisco and CCM

J. Artificial Photosynthesis

The colour coding in the program for the parallel sessions indicates the meeting room at SLU.
Blue: Main Hall, Yellow: Hall W, Green: Hall Loftet

Registration and Help Desk

Monday, June 25, 13.30-19.00   
                      at the Uppsala University Main Building (central Uppsala)

Tuesday, June 26, 08.00-11.00 
                       At Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (see map)

                       Outside Main Aula in "Undervisningshuset"

Wednesday, June 27, 08.00-11.00 
                       At Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

                       Outside Main Aula in "Undervisningshuset"  

Thursday, June 28, 08.00-11.00 
                       At Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

                       Outside Main Aula in "Undervisningshuset"  

Organizing committee

Chairs: Johannes Messinger, Stenbjörn Styring

Scientific secretaries: Ann Magnuson, Fikret Mamedov

Pia Lindberg, Livia Meszaros.

Logistics team

Pierre Ceccaldi, Casper de Lichtenberg, Brigitta Németh, Karin Stensjö, Anders Thapper

European program committee

Eva-Mari Aro (FI), Vincent Artero (FR), Marcella Bonchio (IT), Roberta Croce (IT), Holger Dau (DE), Giovanni Finazzi (FR),  Jeremy Harbinson (NL), Julian Hibberd (UK), Michael Hippler (DE), Stefan Jansson (SE), Poul-Erik Jensen (DK), Diana Kirilovsky (FR), Josef Komenda (CZ), Olaf Kruse (DE), Alison Smith (UK), Cornelia Spetea-Wiklund (SE), Andreas P Weber (DE), Annegret Wilde (DE), Francis-André Wollman (FR).

Advisory committee

Wim Vermaas, Richard Cogdell, James Barber, Wolfgang Junge.